Phrasal verbs 2

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  1. 'Thank you for the toy but I've already ___ playing with dolls,' said my younger sister.

  2. Some people will do anything to ___ their neighbours.

  3. It is unfair that they ___ Greg only because he is less successful.

  4. I'm ___ summer holidays when I can lie sprawled out in the sunlight and do completely nothing.

  5. I hope this freebie will ___ all the nasty words I happened to say.

  6. I will never ___ the fact that we have not been invited.

  7. Oops, I guess we have just ___ gas.

  8. Women should know how to ___ their rights. The suffragette movement is a perfect example.

  9. There was some guy here two days ago and he ___ you. He looked really weird and I've no idea who it could have been.

  10. Now I'm in a terrible hurry. I'll ___ you in the evening and we'll talk, ok?